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Chicken Coop Range

Roll-Frame Coop

The 'Chicken Roll' is a great modern-styled chicken coop which suits up to 6 chickens. It comes with a wooden laying box and 2 wooden perches. This coop is great value for money at just $495.

Chicken Roll: Suits 4-6 chickens. Priced from $495.
2.25m long, 1.3m wide and 0.8m high.



Two Storey Coops

 Spoil your chickens with one of these two storey chicken coops. Your ladies will love their upstairs bedroom with it's own wooden access ladder, laying box and wooden perches. These coops maximize space for your chickens with room underneath the housing section utilized. This style of coop comes in three sizes: the 'Chicken Castle' for 2-3 chickens; the 'Chicken Castle Deluxe' for 4-6 chickens; and the largest coop in our range the 'Chicken Castle Royale' for up to 10 chickens. 

Chicken Castle: Suits 2-3 chickens. Priced from $545.
1.8m long, 0.9m wide, 1.05m high. 

Chicken Castle Deluxe: Suits 4-6 chickens. Priced from $595.
2.13m long, 0.9m wide, 1.05m high.  

Chicken Castle Royale: Suits up to 10 chickens. Priced from $795.
2.83m long, 1.2m wide, 1.05m high.  



Square-Frame Coops

These streamlined chicken coops would look great in any backyard. They feature three access doors for maximum accessibility when collecting the eggs, feeding your chickens and cleaning your coop. These coops come in two sizes: the 'Royal Run' which suits 2-4 chickens; and the 'Royal Run Deluxe' which suits 4-6 chickens. 

Royal Run: Suits 2-4 chickens. Priced from $495.
2.3m long, 0.9m wide, 0.7m high. 

Royal Run Deluxe: Suits 4-6 chickens. Priced from $545.
2.85m long, 0.9m wide, 0.7m high.