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** As recommended by Dr Harry and featured on Better Homes and Gardens TV show. We were delighted that Dr Harry requested our drinkers and feeders for the new coop at Arcadia Public School earlier this year. 

Royal Rooster's uniquely designed, Australian made poultry drinkers and feeders overcome many of the common problems associated with the metal or plastic products that you regularly see in pet or fodder stores.

We regularly had customers asking us how to prevent a range of problems they were experiencing with feeding and watering their chickens (and to be honest, we had the same problems with our chooks). So we decided to make our own!

Main Features:

Our chicken drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water.

They incorporate a professional valve-operated drinker cup (used by poultry experts) that only allows a small amount of water in the red cup at any one time. When the chickens drink from the red cup and the water level goes down, the valve automatically replenishes the cup. Like us, chickens need a fresh supply of clean water – and with traditional chicken waterers, we regularly had to change the water as the chickens had scratched dirt into it. This drinker holds approximately 4 litres of water and is approx 50cm tall.

Our chook feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage.

We used to have so much grain wasted by chickens who would scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This is a very common thing for chooks to do. The uniquely designed tray of our product has special divisions that discourage the chickens from 'swiping' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground – meaning many dollars are saved. This feeder holds approximately 3kg of feed and is 50cm tall.

Now with rain covers!

As the name suggests, these covers prevent your feed from getting waterlogged in wet weather, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of the Royal Rooster poultry feeder in all types of weather.

Not what you're looking for? See all we have on offer at Royal Rooster. If you have a question, drop us a line via the contact form. We’d love to help!

Cup Style or Nipple Style Drinker?

Are you unsure which style drinker is best for you? The cup style is the most popular and our original design. In most cases, this is the best style to go with. The nipple style is beneficial however for those with very dirty, dusty backyards or for those needing a drinker that won't freeze up in very cold climates. The nipple style drinkers can be used in conjunction with submersible water heaters in this situation. 

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