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Duck Drinker & Feeder Set - with Rain Cover

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Duck Drinker & Feeder Set - with Rain Cover

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A popular set for ducks! A 4 litre drinker and a 3kg feeder with rain cover to keep the feed dry. We had so many customers who had one of our drinker and feeder sets for their chickens, also requesting a set for their ducks... so we now offer these for ducks too! The difference between a duck feeder and a chicken feeder is in the tray - we remove two dividers in the tray to allow for the wider ducks' beaks.


This set includes:

  • 1 x 4 litre drinker (approx 50cm tall) with one valve operated drinker cup and rear hooks
  • 1 x 3kg feeder (approx 50cm tall) with one tray divider (for wider beaks), with rain cover and rear hooks
  • 2 x ergonomically designed lids
We regularly had customers asking us how to prevent a range of problems they were experiencing with their traditional style drinkers and feeders (and to be honest, we had the same problem with our chickens)... So we decided to design and manufacture our own sets! We soon had duck owners wanting a set for their ducks as well as their chickens, so now we offer this version with just one divider in the tray to allow for ducks' wider beaks.

Main Features:

Our drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water. These drinkers incorporate a professional valve operated drinker cup (used by poultry experts) that only allows a small amount of water in the red cup at any one time. When the ducks drink from the red cups and the water level goes down, the valve automatically replenishes the cup (no need for the ducks to press on the float). With traditional drinkers, you regularly have to change the water as ducks can get their water very dirty! Like us, ducks need a fresh supply of clean water. The drinkers holds approximately 4 litres of water and are 50cm tall.

Our feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage. We used to have so much grain wasted by chickens who would scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This is a very common thing for chickens to do. The uniquely designed tray that forms part of this feeder, has special divisions which discourages the chickens from 'swiping' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground. For the duck feeder, we remove two of these dividers, just leaving the central divider for ducks with wider beaks. The feeders hold approximately 3kg of feed and are 50cm tall.

Other features:

These drinkers and feeders are also:

  • UV resistant - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastic ones on the market
  • Rear hooks - these drinkers and feeders simply hook onto the mesh of your coop, making cleaning and filling much easier than hanging drinkers.
  • Slimline, compact design - a big advantage is that these drinkers and feeders take up VERY little room in your coop. If you have a smaller coop, maximizing space is a key concern
  • Australian made quality

Rain Cover:


This drinker and feeder set comes complete with a rain cover for your feeder, to keep your feed clean and dry in any type of weather. The added benefit of the rain cover is that it helps to prevent wild birds such as sparrows and pigeons as well as possums, squirrels and rodents from eating from your feeder. No one wants to feed all the local wildlife when they're trying to just feed their chickens! Many dollars are saved using these feeders.

Mounting to a Solid Wall:

The Royal Rooster drinkers and feeders are designed to simply hook onto the mesh of your coop, but can also be hung on a solid wall with the use of some metal brackets. If you plan to position your drinker and feeder inside your coop, you can also purchase 4 metals brackets that you can firstly mount to your coop wall. The drinker and feeder can then simply hook over making removal for cleaning or refilling so easy. Click here to purchase these Solid Wall Brackets (4 pack) to use with your drinker and feeder set.


Hi Kerry and Brad - Thanks so much for the feed and waterer set. I have been trailing the waterer to see if it's suitable for ducks because of the way they have to immerse their bills in the water to drink. It's working fantastically, they are able to get their bills into the drinker cup without any problems and the blue tongue float doesn't cause and problems, in fact I think it prevents them getting as much mud and dirt caught in the cup as they were getting in their old water feeders.

As anyone with ducks will know they love mud and are able to get it everywhere, that is one of the major problems I was having in finding something that would not get clogged with mud and dirt and prevent them from being able to drink. The little bit of mud that does get into the cup is easily washed out when in refill the waterer by pouring a bit of water straight into the cup. They have been able to get mud all over the outside of the waterer but the water inside is still nice and clean.

My ducks also have access to pond water through the day as well as the waterer but I find that they are going back to the waterer to drink during the day. At night they are locked away and only have the waterer for accessing water. The design of the water and feed set makes it very easy to move them from inside to outside of their duck house when I am letting them in or out. The feeder is also saving me food as all the local birds are not coming in to eat it now. I couldn't be happier with the set it is easy and hassle free to use and I'm not worried about whether the ducks have spilt their water and feed over a night. I would be happy to recommend your product and please pass my email address onto anyone that would like to know more as I would be only too happy to answer their questions regarding how the ducks use the product.

Delivery Time:

These sets are generally dispatched 2-3 days after an order is received. For orders of 1-3 sets we generally use Australia Post and TNT for orders of more than three sets. Just ask us for your tracking number if you wish to monitor the progress of your parcel/s.

Please note:

Some finer grain mixes are unsuitable to use in these feeders in damp weather, as moisture is absorbed into the feed which affects the flow of the grain into the tray.

Not what you're after? See the whole range of products on offer from Royal Rooster or contact us if you have further questions. We'd love to help!

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