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Chicken Drinkers & Feeders

Waterers/ Drinkers

Cup Drinker (4 litre) - $40
Twin Cup Drinker (4 litre) - $50
Nipple Drinker (4 litre) - $50
Twin Nipple Drinker (4 litre) - $50


Feeder with rain cover (3kg capacity) - $40
Twin pack Feeder with rain cover - $80

Drinker & Feeder Sets

Cup Drinker & Feeder Set with rain cover - $80
Twin Cup Drinker & Feeder Set with rain cover - $90
Nipple Drinker & Feeder Set with rain cover - $80
Twin Nipple Drinker & Feeder Set with rain cover - $90

Duck Drinkers & Feeders

Duck Feeder with rain cover (3kg capacity) - $40
Duck Cup Feeder & Drinker Set - $80
Duck Twin Cup Feeder & Drinker Set - $90 

Chicken Coops

Roll Frame Coops

Chicken Roll - $595
Chicken Roll with Small Extension - $745
Chicken Roll with Large Extension - $845

The 'Chicken Roll' is a great modern-styled chicken coop which suits up to 6 chickens. It comes with a wooden laying box and 2 wooden perches. This coop is great value for money at just $595. Also available with small or large extensions for those wanting more grazing room for their flock.

Two Storey Coops

Chicken Castle - $645
Chicken Castle Deluxe - $695
Chicken Castle Royale - $895

Spoil your chickens with one of these two storey chicken coops. Your ladies will love their upstairs bedroom with it's own wooden access ladder, laying box and wooden perches. These coops maximize space for your chickens with room underneath the housing section utilized. This style of coop comes in three sizes: the 'Chicken Castle' for 2-3 chickens is priced from $645; the 'Chicken Castle Deluxe' for 4-6 chickens is priced from $695; and the largest coop in our range the 'Chicken Castle Royale' for up to 10 chickens which is priced from $895. 

Square-Frame Coops

Royal Run - $595
Royal Run Deluxe - $645

These streamlined chicken coops would look great in any backyard. They feature three access doors for maximum accessibility when collecting the eggs, feeding your chickens and cleaning your coop. These coops come in two sizes: the 'Royal Run' which suits 2-4 chickens which is priced from $595; and the 'Royal Run Deluxe' which suits 4-6 chickens and is priced from $645. 

Walk-in Chicken Coop

Chicken Palace - $1395

The 'Chicken Palace' is is the most recent addition to the Royal Rooster range of chicken coops. The Chicken Palce not a mobile coop but is rather designed to stay in a fixed position in your backyard - with free ranging for your chooks if possible. It suits around 4-6 chickens if free ranging or a larger yard is not possible, but can house up to 10 chickens if needed. It comes with two wooden laying boxes and two wooden perches. A removable weather shield is available to further enclose the housing section. Fox proofing is also an optional upgrade for those needing to protect their chickens from these predators.


Payment Options

We have a range of payment options to choose from. You can pay by bank deposit, credit card, Paypal, money order, cheque or cash on pickup. 

We use the secure payment gateway provided by eWay Australia for all credit card transactions. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

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