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Royal Rooster Chicken Coops
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Some of our popular products available in a range of sizes and colours.

Buy modern, durable chicken coops and cages online in Australia with Royal Rooster

Australian MadeRoyal Rooster is one of Australia's largest manufacturers of made to order chicken coops, cat enclosures, bird aviaries, rabbit hutches and dog pens. These Australian made products combine innovative design and quality materials to ensure your purchase not only stands the test of time but makes caring for your pets so much easier. 

Royal Rooster's Chicken Coops For Sale

Our range of popular chicken coops come in a variety of designs including arch style, single storey and two-storey 'Chicken Castles' as well as walk-in Chicken Palaces for large yards or for more pampered poultry. They are available for sale as chicken coop kits (ie flat packed) for economical freight Australia wide. There are many optional upgrades available such as: black anodised framework, external nest box, wooden laying boxes, fox proof floor, mini mesh and Colorbond mini fluted iron. 

We also have innovative chicken feeders and chicken drinkers available, which have been designed to help keep chook food and water clean, and to minimise the spillage and waste that can often occur with other poultry feeders.

Royal Rooster's Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Royal Rooster's range of cat enclosures come in a variety of designs including hexagonal, large flat roof style, large peaked roof style, slimline 'catios' as well as a range of accessories for your outdoor enclosure. All are made with strong aluminium frames and galvanised steel mesh. Accessories include cat bridges, shelves, sisal steps and posts, access tunnels, cat doors as well as external litter boxes to make cleaning up that much easier. 

Royal Rooster's Bird Aviaries For Sale

Our bird cages come in a variety of designs including hexagonal, slimline patio style and large walk in aviaries with with a flat or peaked roof for the larger birds or larger flock. All are made with strong aluminium frames and a choice of many upgrades include: black frames, mini mesh, stainless steel mesh, powder coated mesh, solid walls and roof, skirting, safety entry cages, solid or mesh floors, perches, bird shelves and bird feeders. 

Royal Rooster's Rabbit Hutch Range

Our rabbit hutches and bunny cages come in a variety of designs including arch shaped, two storey and single storey design. There are also two styles of walk in rabbit enclosures to make it easier to interact with your pets. All are made with strong aluminium frames and galvanised steel mesh.  Not many suppliers of rabbit enclosures offer the range or durability of Royal Rooster.  

Royal Rooster's Dog Enclosure Range

If you need an outdoor enclosure to keep your dog safe while you're at work, Royal Rooster also offer kennels with attached runs for dogs too! There are portable kennels as well as large walk-in style dog pens with either a flat or peaked roof. Many optional upgrades available so you can create your perfect dog enclosure today!

Order Online Today

Order your chicken coop or pet enclosures online with Royal Rooster today! Full pricing of our items is available on each product page so you can compare which cage is best for your budget. Or for more information on any of our products just contact us on 1800 817 745 or 0410 375 686. We would love to help!