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Drinker & Feeder Questions

There is likely something tiny stuck in the valve. A good way to clear it is to put a small amount of water in the water tube and put your arm down inside and lift the silver valve part with your fingers up and down. The blue tongue on the outside will lift as you do this. Then wash out with a hose and it should be good again.

Another method is to unscrew your cup and take the metal pin out of the side and give it a good wash out and re-screw into the bottom of the drinker. Unless the drinker has been dropped and the cup is damaged, these tips should help solve the problem.

The hooks on the back of the drinkers and feeders are designed to hook straight into 25mm x 25mm mesh. However if you have smaller mesh, simply add a pack of metal brackets with zip ties to your order. These can be attached to the smaller mesh of your coop and then the drinkers and feeders can hook onto these brackets.

These stand approx 50cm tall. If you need a shorter version, we can make a custom set for you. Just let us know the max size you need.

The feeder holds approximately 3kg of feed.

Yes, these feeders are suitable for all types of chicken feed. For the looser feeds, it’s particularly important to hang the feeder high enough that the chicken can just peck at the feed but don’t have enough height to scratch the feed out with their beaks or feet!

The drinker holds approximately 4 litres of water.

If you have a greater number of chickens, more chickens can drink at any one time.

One set should last 4 chickens approxinately a week. This varies in hot weather (i.e. need to drink more water) and varies on the volumn of kitchen scraps or weeds the chickens also have to eat.

We suggest one set for up to around 6 chickens and greater number of sets for more chickens.

These feeders have been specially designed to reduce the amount of feed wastage. This has the benefit of cost savings in terms of purchasing feed as well as less feed on the ground to attract mice. See our blog article about this topic.

An unexpected benefit in the design of the feeder with the rain cover, is that customers have reported a significant reduction in the amount of feed that is lost to wild birds. Their inability to see the feed from overhead, likely helps with this.

Chicken Coop Questions 

The two smallest models are the Royal Run (square frame) and the Chicken Castle (two storey model). You may also find the Chicken Roll, which suits up to 6 chickens to be an economical alternative, with more floor space for your coop dollars.  

Our most popular coops for between 4-6 chickens would be our Chicken Castle Deluxe and our Chicken Roll.

The Chicken Castle Royale is our largest mobile coop which suits up to 10 chickens. The Chicken Palace range may also be suitable if you're able to free range your chickens, as this is a fixed position, walk in chicken house with the capacity to house greater numbers of chickens for night time lock up. 

As our coop are mobile (except the Chicken Palace), they're designed to be a full time home for your chickens. The more you are able to move the coop to fresh areas in your backyard, the more your chickens will love you! They love fresh grass, weeds and bugs whenever possible. If you decide to free range your chickens and you have a fox proof floor in place, remember to lock the door at night to keep your chickens safe from predators.

It’s the spilt or poorly stored feed that usually attracts rodents to a chicken coop. Storing your feel in a solid container that rodents can’t chew through is very important. Also having a self-feeder, such as that designed by Royal Rooster, which minimises the amount of spilt feed will make a big difference. Read our blog article which explains rodent issues in more detail. 

For people who live in country areas where foxes are known to be a problem, we have the option of a mesh floor that can be added to the standard coops. These floors are made of large sized steel mesh, allowing your chickens to scratch on the ground below, but preventing dogs or foxes from digging their way in. The mesh on the sizes of the coops is very strong and can't been chewed through. 

An electric drill and a Phillips head driver, a mallet and some spanners if you've ordered the wheel kits. 

Yes, there are four standard Colorbond colours that you can chose from. These are Pale Eucalypt,  Deep Ocean, Woodland Grey and Monument. Due to the increased costs of materials for Colorbond coops there is a slight upgrade charge. Custom colorbond colours are also available. 

The perches from 19mm x 42mm pine timber.  

Bird Aviary Questions

Yes, this is what the double safety cage is designed for. You can join two of the same sized Bird Gazebos together but for the rest of the aviaries it can be two of the same size or two slightly different size aviaries. For example, you can join an Avian Palace to a double safety cage which is then joined to an Avian Palace with Large Extension. If ordered with a double safety cage, we'll get in touch with you to discuss which orientation you'd like the doors as one cage needs to be mirrored to line up with the safety entry cage openings. 

Yes, these are optional upgrades on all the bird aviary pages. 

Yes, we can make our range of aviaries with side walls up to 2.4 tall. This would need to be quoted separately as TNT charges oversize freight over 2m in length, so would need to be factored into the cost. 

Yes, we have built several cages for rescue koalas while they're healing before re-release. These cages need to be 2.4m high and use mesh 50mm x 50mm x 3mm. Just ask for a quote. 

Freight & Leadtime Questions

This changes at times depending on order volume but is generally 2-3 weeks from order to dispatch. Click here for the updated time frame.

It's not uncommon for parcels to get separated in transit due to their varying sizes. Generally TNT will simply deliver the remaining parcels in the next day or two. You can call TNT on 13 11 50 and put an 'enquiry' in for checks to be placed and an update provided on the estimated delivery date for the remaining parcels.

When your coop was dispatched, you would have recieved the tracking number from TNT. This was also included on your email from Royal Rooster to say that your parcels were dispatched. Click here for TNT's online track and trace system. If you copy and paste your consignment/ tracking number on this page you'll see if the tracking update says if your parcels are ready for collection.

Yes, we are located in Willaston in SA. When purchasing your coop online or via the phone, you can select no cost collection as your delivery method. You’ll need either a trailer or ute to collect. In some cases a hatchback car can also do the job, but be sure to measure up before you come!

Cage Assembly Questions

Brad always trys to be available to help if you're having trouble putting your cage together. Call Brad directly on freecall 1800 817 745.