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Hi Kerry,

The pens are fabulous!!! Thankyou so much!! I am definitely going to get two more. But I will wait a few weeks until hubby has gotten over building the three I already have haha!! Thanks again for everything. 


Chicken Roll Review


If you're after an independent review of our drinker and feeder sets - go to 'The Greening of Gavin' blog. I know I always like to have someone recommend a product to me. So don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say! (Photos courtesy of Gavin's website).

Here is 'part 2' about our chicken drinker and feeder sets - an update from Gavin about the sucess of these feeders in keeping away piegons, sparrows and how these feeders save many $$ in wasted feed. 

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Royal Rooster now support a local sporting team!

RSPCA in Somersby NSW loved our coops so much that they purchased 5 of our Chicken Castle Deluxe models in one order! We were delighted that such a respected body such as the RSPCA were keen to purchase our chicken coops. Currently 2 of these coops house rabbits (see pics below). 

royal-rooster-rabbits3.jpg  royal-rooster-rabbits2.jpg

Hi Kerry,

Just a quick email to say a big THANK YOU for our new chicken coop. It arrived in excellent condition (even if the courier company split up the delivery over 2 days making me panic slightly) and was very simple to put together. Your instructions were perfect! Our chooks are now very happy and dry in their new home. With plenty of room for us to grow the flock. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I will be sure to let anyone thinking about getting chooks or upgrading their coop to know all about Royal Rooster. 


Louise Shields, NSW

 louise-s-coop-1.jpg louise-s-coop2.jpg louise-s-coop3.jpg

Hey there,

Just a few pictures to show how very happy I am with your product. It took 4 of us 1/2 an hour to assemble (with much laughter) and the Hamburgs are so very happy.  I am very happy with the feed and water stations as there is almost no waste at all.... The chickens have to remain caged because of all the poisonous weeds in this landlord's garden, but they are protected from branch fall because of the sturdy construction and from fox and cat attack because of the flooring. Well done on an excellent product, just what I was searching for.

Yours sincerly,

Lois Thornborough. 

chicken-castle-royale-cust-small.jpg  chicken-feeder-small.jpg

Thank you so much Kerry and Brad, you have been exceptional people to deal with, and your service and professionalism are exceptional.

I live on a small very remote island. Getting anything sent here is a major exercise. Due to some local issues, I asked if it would be possible to alter some of the materials used in the manufacture of the Chicken Castle Royale. My requests were met without any fuss or bother and Kerry and Brad kept me informed regularly with all necessary information. My Chicken Castle Royale arrived sooner than expected. It was beautifully packed, with clear and detailed instructions.  Sadly, through no fault of theirs, some of the parts were damaged, and I made an error with one part. Within days, the problem was dealt with graciously, and without any difficulties for me.

I cannot speak highly enough of Royal Rooster's Kerry and Brad - they and their products are fantastic.

Rosemary Amos, Flinders Island

Hi Kerry,

Just to let you know that the coop is now all assembled including the shields and my chooks love it! It was so easy to assemble, is very light to move and so easy to clean. It is much better than the other model I have.

The feeder and drinker are also terrific, so well designed and again easy to use. Thanks to you and all at Royal Rooster for supplying and delivering such a quality product.

All the best,

Steve Lisarow, NSW

Hello Brad,

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Princess Pen. We are really pleased with the design and our hens "Trinny and Susannah' are clucking away quite happily. It's great to be able to wheel the coop around the yard and get the chooks to do the gardening for us! We look forward to many years of fresh eggs for breakfast.
Attached are some photos...from the pen to the table.


Marko and Tamra, Blair Athol SA

Dear Kerry & Brad,

Just a little note to say thank you so much for such a fantastic chicken coop! My husband is away a lot so I am left to deal with the kids & animals. Your design with wheels & handles makes it so easy for me to move our silkies around the garden every morning - all by myself! I love it!! Our British Bulldogs Betty & George have got used to the ladies now so they enjoy lots of free range time :)

Thanks again

Megan, Mona Vale NSW

Hi Kerry and Brad,

I've attached some photos of my new 10 week old buff bantams. The dog is very interested and has already tried (unsuccessfully) to dig under (due to fox proof floor). Luckily they are very relaxed chicks. My plan is to move the cage around the vegie garden so the chooks can work the soil - and give some eggs eventually. Thanks very much for this solid structure.


Robyn, Pambula Beach NSW

Hi Brad and Kerry,

We love our Royal Rooster coop - it is easy to move around our yard and our girls love going in there at night to sleep. It has been one of the best additions to our family - our children adore our chickens.

Kind regards,

Esther & Tim, Coorparoo QLD


Our 3 girls love their Queen Royal Rooster Coop. They stay in their normal pen Monday-Friday and go in the Royal Rooster coop on the weekends where they eat down the grass and scratch for bugs & worms. The coop was very easy to assemble. We are very pleased with the coop overall.


Benjamin and Erinna, Morphett Vale SA

Dear Brad and Kerry,

We... and our chickens are very happy with Royal Rooster coop thank you. It was easy to install and is super easy to move around. Our chickens took to it immediately....I like that it is a clever design and is also strong and can withstand weather. I have already recommended it to friends.


Anne Rosebank NSW


The chicken coop went together like a breeze, even though we didn't unpack the instructions until we'd finished. The dogs are frustrated that they can no longer let the chooks out and round them up endlessly. The chooks are settling in and getting a lot less involuntary exercise.

Michelle, Winnellie NT


This is a story! My husband did not want chooks. He also didn't want a vegetable garden - which has fed us for 5 years now. It was when he let it slip that he had bought mud terrain tires that tipped me to ordering the chicken coop.

I did do a lot of searching and contemplation before choosing Royal Rooster. Even then I was very apprehensive about ordering on the Internet. I'm not a Spring Chicken but nor am I an Old Chook. My husband always called his Mum Senior Chook and I was just Chookun. I haven't yet been eligible for senior chook status! A few more years maybe! I was very relieved when I received confirmation e-mails. I originally saw your advert in Gardening Australia, so that was comfort for me as well.

'He who must be obeyed' did not swear or curse in putting together the tractor. This is a great compliment. In actual fact he was impressed with the package.

'He who must be obeyed' who never wanted chooks now wants multiple chicken tractors as he has realised that they mow the grass. On over five acres I tell him to dream on he has a ride on mower.

The greatest irony in this whole experience is that I am allergic to eggs. But the chookie musings give me great solace in my totally stressed out work environment.


Elaine & Brian, Tyers VIC

P.S. See pictures of Milly, Molly and Gert - named in honour of my grandmother, and Brian's aunts.