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  • Suits 2-3 chickens
  • Measures 1.8m long, 0.9m wide and 1.05m high 
  • Made from strong, yet light-weight, anodized aluminium frame
  • Strong 2.5mm thick galvanised mesh with 25mm x 25mm squares (smaller mesh available)
  • Made standard with a full solid roof, three solid walls in zincalume, galvanised mini corrugated iron. Choice of Colorbond colours available for upgrade.
  • 2 wooden perches and wooden ladder provided
  • Wooden laying boxes available as an upgrade
  • Takes between 1-2 hours to assemble, with detailed illustrated instructions provided


Aluminium, unlike steel or timber, will not rust, rot or deteriorate in the weather. You can be rest assured that your coop will be looking just as great in many years' time. Royal Rooster's specially designed aluminium is made with channels in which the mesh or iron slots directly so that there are no ugly fixings on either side of the panels to keep the materials in place.

Black Frame Optional Upgrade: standard coops are made with silver anodized aluminium framework, however black anodized framework is also available as an optional upgrade. 


The sides of the Chicken Castles are made with small sized galvanised steel mesh, 2.5mm thick with 25mm squares.  This strong mesh is difficult to accidentally damage and is impossible for foxes to chew through!

Mini Mesh Optional Upgrade: If rodents or snakes are an issue, you can alternatively have your coop made with 12.5mm x 12.5mm mesh that is 1.24mm thick.


The side walls, back door and full roof of the Chicken Castle is made using very modern Zincalume (silver) mini corrugated iron. This is Bluescope steel which is made in Australia.

Colorbond Optional Upgrade: The Chicken Castle is also available in Colorbond for those wishing their coop to match other colours in their backyard.  Colours currently available are Pale Eucalypt, Deep Ocean, Monument and Woodland Grey. Custom Colorbond colours are also available if required. 


The coops have an open floor design to allow your chickens to scratch up the soil and to have the pleasure of a dust bath.

Fox Proof Floor Optional Upgrade: Optional 'fox proof floors' can also be purchased for those needing extra protection from these predators. The large sized mesh floor (with 150mm x 100mm rectangles) still enables your chickens to scratch the soil and at the same time gives you peace of mind about their safety overnight. As it's wired to the base of the coop, it moves along with the coop when you move your coop to a fresh area.


Unlike imported coops, Royal Rooster coops are designed and made in Australia, taking into consideration our very hot summers. The whole front of the housing section on the Chicken Castle is open to allow maximum ventilation on hot days. The upstairs section also has a mesh floor to allow ventilation from below. 

Weather Shield Optional Upgrade: There are optional 'weather shields' (as pictured) that can also be purchased to provide extra protection in wet or windy weather. One shield further encloses the housing section with still a gap for the chickens to walk up the ladder. The second shield goes over the mesh upstairs floor so you can add straw or other bedding in the cooler weather. This shield is very easy to remove for cleaning. 


The Chicken Castle has two doors. One on the front of the coop allowing easy entry into the coop. Also a door at the rear for access to the perch area. 

Manual Chicken Door Optional Upgrade: If you would like your chickens to be able to free range, you can chose from 2 styles of chicken doors depending on your budget. The manual chicken door comes with a clear slide up door with a hook so can be latched to the mesh to stay open. This can be fitted to any mesh area on your coop.

Auto Chicken Door Optional Upgrade: If you are wanting an automatic chicken door opener, Royal Rooster also stock Chicken Guard Premium auto doors and openers that can open automatically for you in the mornings and nights. These come with a specially made panel so this can be fitted to your Royal Rooster coop, as shown above. 


As these coops are made with aluminium rather than steel frames, the coops are easy to move with one person on each end of the coop. When the chickens have adequately scratched up one area in your backyard, just move to another spot or even on top of a garden bed for the chickens to work through the soil. 

Heavy Duty Wheel Optional Upgrade: The optional wheel upgrade makes moving your coop even easier. Just turn the lever arms into the raised position on either side of your coop, push or pull your coop to a new area and then lower again. The chickens if inside, will jump up onto the cross bar or fox proof floor and go for a ride!


Two wooden perches are provided for night time sleeping area for the chickens. These perches are 42mm wide and 19mm thick, which is said to be the best size and shape for chickens to comfortably perch on for night time sleep.


Chickens need a nice cosy place to lay their eggs. A flock of around 6 chickens will all share the one laying box, each taking it in turn to lay their eggs. For most owners of backyard chickens, 1-2 nest boxes are adequate.  

External Nest Box Optional Upgrade: A popular coop upgrade is the external nest box allows you to collect your eggs from outside your coop. It also gives your chickens even more room for perching inside their housing section with the wooden nest boxes tucked away in this special nest box enclosure. These can be made to fit the left hand or right hand side of the coop or both with one on each side! This enclosure holds two wooden nest boxes which will be supplied if ordering this upgrade. 

Wooden Laying Boxes Optional Upgrade: If you are not requiring the external nest box, then the wooden laying boxes can still be ordered individually. 


A popular upgrade to the Chicken Castles is a feeder and drinker set. These hook straight onto the mesh of your coop and make keeping chickens a breeze. Available with either a single drinker cup or twin cups.


Highly recommended. This covers the replacement or repair of your coop if damaged in transit as well as the freight to transport damaged parts back to us and new parts over to you. Only $15 for peace of mind.


These coops are very simple to put together and come with detailed, illustrated instructions. You’ll need a rubber mallet, an electric drill and a number 2 Philips-head driver. Assembly time should be between 1-2 hours depending on skill level. A pair of pointy nose pliers is also handy if your order your coop with mini mesh walls. 


All coops are made in our purpose built premises in Willaston in South Australia. Lead times on orders can vary depending on the time of the year and other factors out of our control. Please click here to see that latest lead time on orders.

Delivery with TNT generally then takes between 1-2 weeks to arrive. We have both depot pick up and residential delivery as freight options to keep the cost down for those able to collect from a TNT depot or agent. 

If you live in SA, pickup from our premises at 43 Theen Ave, Willaston SA 5118 is most welcome. 

Not what you're after? See the whole range of products on offer from Royal Rooster or contact us if you have further questions. We'd love to help!

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Mini DescriptionA popular style of chicken coop ideal for those with a smaller number of chickens. Suits 2-3 chickens
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