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Royal Rooster's Chicken Coops For Sale


Our range of popular chicken coops come in a variety of designs including roll-frame, square-frame, two-storey castles as well as large walk-in Palaces for large yards or for more pampered poultry. They are available for sale as chicken coop kits (ie flat packed for economical freight Australia wide) and include laying boxes, perches, and the sturdy but lightweight aluminium frame itself in a choice of silver or black frames.

Not many manufacturers of chicken coop houses and chook cages offer the range of styles or colour options that are available from Royal Rooster. Whether you want a chicken tractor for easy manoeuvrability around your garden; a basic hen house for a small yard; or a two-storey castle for up to ten chooks – we can offer you the perfect product for your brood, your space and your lifestyle. All chook cages combine robust, durable design with lightweight materials to ensure flexibility. The coops are made using aluminium frames, galvanised steel mesh and Australian made, mini-corrugated iron sheeting.

We also have innovative chicken feeders and chicken drinkers available, which have been designed to help keep chook food and water clean, and to minimise the spillage and waste that can often occur with other poultry feeders.

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  1. Chicken Palace

    The 'Chicken Palace' is one of Royal Rooster's most popular style of walk in chicken coop.
  2. Chicken Palace with Small Extension

    The popular walk-in Chicken Palace with additional 1.2m run section. Great sized chicken coop at 3.5m long.
  3. Chicken Castle

    A popular style of chicken coop ideal for those with a smaller number of chickens. Suits 2-3 chickens
  4. Chicken Castle Royale

    Our largest mobile chicken coop - great for a larger flock. The Chicken Castle Royale suits up to 10 chickens!
  5. Chicken Roll

    A good looking, modern, roll-frame chicken coop that suits 4-6 chickens. Great value for money coop.
  6. Chicken Roll with Large Extension

    A modern fixed position chicken coop that suits 6 chickens on a permanent basis, or more if free ranging.
  7. Royal Run

    Great looking square-frame chicken coop. Great for those with a smaller flock. Suits 2-3 chickens.
  8. Royal Run Deluxe

    A streamlined, square-frame chicken coop, featuring 4 access doors. Great if you have 4-6 chickens.
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